Travel Itinerary Finder

25 Sep 2013


While I was Web Editor at Fodor's Travel, a travel guidebook publisher and imprint of Random House, one of the new initiatives I led helped visitors to our website find their ideal European itinerary.

Problem Statement

Fodor's content at that time followed a fairly rigid and standardized structure. It worked well for focusing on a single destination, but itineraries---ideally including images and maps---couldn't be displayed effectively. We saw an opportunity to grow traffic and establish new advertising partnerships through this effort, which would launch during the peak European travel planning season. It was also an opportunity for the organization to experiment with creating born-digital content at scale.


I wireframed the initial designs for an Itinerary Finder and an Itinerary Detail page. From there, close collaboration with many others at Fodor's resulted in over 60 itineraries and close linkages with existing content. See the Itineraries on

To summarize my tasks during that project:

  • Translating business objectives to new site functionality
  • Creating initial wireframes
  • Leading collaborative efforts between the publisher, director of business development, art, web production, marketing, and editorial
  • Developing the taxonomy of themes that the itineraries followed
  • Editing all 60 itineraries and troubleshooting them in their XML form
  • Reviewing creative and suggesting improvements
  • Publicizing the initiative on the website, and through social media channels
  • Developing an editorial program for the weekly newsletter, subscription base 80K, to funnel readers into - the new section of the site
  • Monitoring Google Analytics to look for ways to promote on-site traffic to the Itinerary Finder